• Poorboy's Matte Detailer & Protectant

Poorboy's Matte Detailer & Protectant

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Effortlessly protect your Matte finish!

This unique product is a quick detailer & protectant specifically formulated to work with matte finishes (paint, vinyl or PPF). 

This spray will remove dust, dirt, road grime, fingerprints and smuges for a streak-free finish on matte paint/wrap. Not only does this product clean safely and effectively, it also protects the surface without adding any gloss!



Spray a light mist directly on the matte surface and wipe immediately back and forth with a microfiber towel. Flip towel over to a dry side and lightly buff until surface is clear and streak-free. If you see any streaks, reapply Matte Detailer & Protectant but use even less. The less product that you use, the easier and better the results.