PosiTest DFT Coating Thickness Gauge

WaxIt Car Care


The DFT is a accurate and reliable coating thickness gauge, that is easy to use and of exceptional quality.


The Positest DFT Coating Thickness Gauge (Combo) allows for the accurate measurement on both non-magnetic and non-conductive surfaces. The DFT will automatically identify said substrate and take an accurate measurement taking into consideration the substrate type. 

The DFT not only offers ease of use, but will constantly produce reliable and valid results - and is ready from the get go with no calibration required for almost all applications. 



  • Fast, repeatable measurements
  • No calibration required for most applications
  • ZERO feature for rough/curved surfaces
  • 1 Point Calibration Adjustment for known thickness calibration
  • RESET feature
  • Strong, wear-resistant, ruby-tipped probe
  • Built-in wrist strap for added convenience and safety
  • Two year warranty 



  • Measuring Range: 0~1000 um / 0~40mil 
  • Accuracy: ±(2um + 3%) ±(0.1 mils + 3%) 
  • Size: 10 x 3.8 x 2.3 cm
  • Weight: 70g

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