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Random Orbital Polishing Clinic MELB **3rd of March 2018**

Waxit Car Care - ZZ5000R

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Morning Session (9:00am - 1:00pm): 3rd of March 2017

34b Trade Park Drive, Tullamarine 3043

Cost: $90 each (Includes DA Polisher Discount Coupon)

We are proud to announce a new series of random orbital clinics that we will have available, which will mark the introduction of a line of detailing training courses available to the hobbyist and professional user.

The Random Orbital Clinic is a practical course giving people experience with a polisher before they start polishing their own car. These machines are very safe and easy to use and with a little bit of guidance you will be able to maximise the effectiveness of your polishing kit.

What do we learn?

-        Understanding Dual Action Vs The Traditional Rotary

-        Preparing the Paintwork  

-        Identifying Paint Defects

-        Pad & Compound Combinations

-        Lighting

-        How to use a DA Polisher

-        Pad Maintenance

And more….


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