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Rhopoint IQ Trio

Rhopoint - A6000-001

The new Rhopoint Meters are innovative gauges that profile how light is reflected on painted automotive surfaces.

Rhopoint IQ Trio  |   20° / 60° / 85°


The Rhopoint IQ is the first handheld instruments to measure and profile how light is reflected from a surface. The innovative gauges use reluctance profiles to calculate gloss, haze and DOI values.

The IQ Trio which takes into account 3 angles to determine its readings is the most accurate and effective in all gloss applications.

  • 20° allows for improved accuracy and resolution on high gloss and metallic surfaces
  • 60° is a universal angle for all gloss finishes
  • 85° represents an improved resolution for matt finishes

This gauge allows you to accurately and scientifically assess your work, and ensure that the maximum light is being reflected off the surface of your vehicles, ensuring that the pinnacle of gloss/clarity is achieved. 



  • 12 Month Warranty (free extended warranty when registered on the Rhopoint Website
  • Full colour and easy to read interface
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Touch sensitive button interface
  • Integrated calibration holder with in-position detector for error-free calibration
  • Single button push to measure feature
  • Various statistical analysis variables such as max, min mean, and SD. 
  • On screen trend analysis
  • Gloss value readings
  • Bluetooth and Computer Compatible 


Whats included:

  • Certified Calibration tile with Certificate
  • USB Data Cable
  • Mini CD containing:
    • Instruction Manual
    • Bluetooth Data App
    • Example Excel Spreadsheets
  • Instructional Videos



  • Rechargeable lithium ion batteries, providing 17 hours of operation (10,000+ readings per charge)
  • Aluminium Construction
  • Internal Battery / USB and Main Charger
  • USB Charge time = 4.5 hours / Main Charger time = 2.5 hours
  • 8mb of memory (More than 1000 readings)
  • 65mm x 140mm x 50mm (H x W x D)
  • 790g (weight)



Note: We are keeping stock of these items, but usually these items have a 2 week lead time once ordered. 


Type: Thickness & Gloss Gauges