Scholl Concepts 5ltr Polish Dispenser Rack

Scholl Concepts


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The Scholl Concepts 5ltr Polish Dispenser is perfect for storing bulk amounts of compound in an easily accessible, space efficient and clean manner. 

Ready to refill your desired size of bottle at a moments notice, the inverted storage system ensures you get every last bit of product out of the bottle.


For industry professionals cutting costs is paramount to the success of your business, purchasing in bulk allows you to save money on product per litre as well as ensure you can more effectively manage your inventory and gauge your operating costs. 

This saves you time on constant re-stocking and running into the issue of availability as the supplier has run out of small quantities of the desired product.



  • Improved stock efficiency 
  • Improved storage capacity
  • Cost reducer


Scholl Concepts S40 5L

Scholl Concepts S30 5L

Scholl Concepts S17 5L


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