• Scholl Concepts S2 Orange Heavy Compound 1ltr

Scholl Concepts S2 Orange Heavy Compound 1ltr

Scholl Concepts

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Scholl S2 is designed as an orange peel texture remover for freshly painted surfaces. It is also very effective at removing heavy defects such as swirl marks and oxidation on fully cured paints. 

When used with Scholl Orange Waffle polishing pad on a freshly sprayed surface S2 is very effective at levelling out texture while also leaving a high gloss one step finish on most colours. 

On cured paints you can use a Scholl White Spider cutting pad or other cutting pads with S2 and get quick removal of heavy swirl marks, oxidation, bird and tree sap staining, water spots and deep scratches. 

S2 can also be used with a felt pad or Carpro Denim Pad on cured paints to remove orange peel texture from the surface. 

S2 has proven itself very effective at restoring polycarbonate headlights when used with a Green Shine Mate heavy cutting pad

Key Benefits

  • Texture removal on fresh paints 
  • Texture removal on cured paints with denim pad 
  • Can be used to restore headlights 
  • Fast removal of heavy defects on cured paints