Scholl Concepts S20 Black 1-Step Compound 1kg

Scholl Concepts


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S20 Black is perhaps the most versatile compound you will come across. With the ability to cut and finish in a single step on both hard and soft paints alike when combined with the appropriate pad


S20 Black is a revolutionary one step compound by Scholl that has the ability to cut almost as good as S3 and finish similarly to S30+ when used on a Scholl Blue Spider Universal cutting pad

S20 is also able to be used as a standalone finishing polish on hard european paints with a Shine Mate Red polishing pad or as a cutting polish on soft Japanese paints with Shine Mate Blue intermediate pad

S20 contains no fillers or bulking agents in order to mask defects, it is a true one step solution that will surprise you with it's ability to quickly remove defects and leave a refined polished surface in one step. 


  • Cut and finish in one step 
  • Use as a polish or as a cutting compound with the appropriate pad
  • Capable of removing 2k grit sanding marks with ease 

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