• Shine Mate 6" Black Diamond Pad Stack

Shine Mate 6" Black Diamond Pad Stack

Shine Mate

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The Shinemate 6" Flat Pad Stack contains 6" Black Diamond Shine Mate pads that are suited to a 5" or 5.5" Backing Plate. 

The Black Diamond technology reduces heat generation due to a lower surface area on the panel, it is also more balanced than traditional pad designs and reduces vibration, leading to a user friendly safe polishing experience that produces consistent professional results.

  • 1x Green Foam Heavy Cut Pad - Ideal for extremely heavy cut without compromising finish on medium to hard paint finishes
  • 1x Yellow Medium Cut Pad - Medium to Heavy cut while providing a high gloss finish, ideal on all paint systems
  • 1x Blue Foam Intermediate Pad - Excels at moderate to light defect removal on all paint systems whilst finishing down to a fantastic level 
  • 1x Orange Universal Pad - Ideal for a variety of compounds on all paint types
  • 1x Red Finishing Padideal for light defect removal and finishing on harder clear coats. Can be used as a medium cutting pad on softer clear coats. 
  • 1x Gray Foam Ultra Soft Pad - Ideal for final finishing and application of waxes and sealants