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Shine Supply PRO Compound Kit

A complete compound kit for those after professional results. For a limited time only, get a free 500mL Shine Supply Throwback when purchasing this kit.

Shine Supply offers a variety of high-quality car detailing products, but their point of difference is definitely their compounds. They are proud to have produced some of the best compounds available in terms of time efficiency, performance and user experience.

Shine Supply Classic Cut is a highly effective compound that contains no fillers and gives real results. It will remove moderate-heavy paint defects with ease, and reveal that shiny, wet look that everyone is chasing.

Shine Supply Classic Polish features a high gloss finish, with a kick. This unique diminishing abrasive formula has the ability to lightly correct paint defects and then finish down leaving behind a glossy, mirror finish.

Shine Supply Classic Finish is an ultra-fine polish that is made up of an exclusive blend of light abrasives. This makes the compound fantastic at finishing and removing light-moderate defects on soft paint.

Shine Supply Chop Top is designed to give you extreme cutting power. Its special formula allows you to quickly remove up to 1500 grit sand scratches and defects. Not only will it give you a great cut, but it will also finish down to a fantastic gloss, saving you time and effort on your following steps.

Shine Supply Slick Back is a unique product that clears up the light haze and paint defects, whilst producing a deep gloss and incredible slickness. The polish works by building a layer of SiO2 on the surface which acts as a primer prior to the application of the ceramic coating.

Shine Supply Flat Top is a truly unique cutting compound, with a short cycle time - delivering an aggressive, efficient cutting process. This product works fantastic with any DA polisher, and can easily achieve a one-step finish on a variety of paint types.