Swissvax Alcantara Cleaner 250ml

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Swissvax Alcanta Cleaner uses biological degradable ingredients and was specifically developed for cleaning Alcantara.  

It is an effective but safe cleaning spray for all Alcantara surfaces and can be applied regularly. 
Interior cleaning

Always start your interior care programme by removing loose dirt with a vacuum cleaner, using the narrow nozzle. To do so, we recommend to remove the carpets and mats. Carpets / mats can be effectively cleaned with Swissvax Fabric. Then wash plastic and upholstered vinyl surfaces with Swissvax Plastic Wash. Vacuum clean fabric seats before cleaning with Swissvax Fabric.
A closer look at Alcantara
Seat covers and other interior elements made from Alcantara (synthetic suede) are relatively robust. However, one has to proceed careful when cleaning Alcantara. The use of conventional cleaners in general is problematic, as they contain solvents which will weaken the Alcantara fibres. Alcanta Cleaner consists of biodegradable ingredients and has been specially developed for the regular cleaning of synthetic suede fabrics.
Instructions for use
1. Spray Alcanta Cleaner onto a clean sponge applicator or directly onto the surface to be cleaned. Clean the entire surface with a dabbing action, apply- ing medium pressure.
2. Clean stubborn dirt by spraying on Alcanta Cleaner and working it in with a Swissvax Cleaning Brush in a circular motion without pressure.
3. Pat dry with a soft cotton cloth. Do not rub!

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