Swissvax Car Bath 100/250/470ml/1lt

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Swissvax - Car Bath - Car Shampoo 100, 250,470ml & 1ltr

Swissvax Car Bath is the perfect product to wash your car with, a clean car is the ideal starting point for all other work. Unfortunately, many car shampoo products erode the paintwork over time due to the degreasing agents they contain. The outdated recommendation to use only tap water for car washing is also wrong. Without a shampoo, the wash solution has no way to encapsulate and “transport” the dirt away.

We therefore recommend Swissvax Car Bath, a paintwork-friendly shampoo concentrate that effectively breaks the bond between the dirt and the paint surface. Its pH-neutral formula guarantees that your high-quality Swissvax wax finish will not be affected.

Super High concentration of one cap full to 15lt or water. 

The sheeting properties of the Car Bath also assist in minimizing water spotting and staining during the wash process. 

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