• Swissvax Cleaner Fluid 100/250/470ml

Swissvax Cleaner Fluid 100/250/470ml

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Swissvax - Cleaner Fluid - Pre Wax Oil 100/250/470ml


Swissvax Cleaner fluid is a must to put on before a wax is applied. This solution preserves and nourishes the paintwork using “heavy” polishing oils and contains no abrasives. It removes minor scratches, tar, tree resin and old wax completely. However, Swissvax Cleaner Fluid Regular stops at the underlying paint layer without scratching it.

Although conventional polishes do the same job with abrasives, the disadvantage with them is that they start scouring away at the paint as their abrasive particles continue working through a new paint layer.


Instructions for use

1. Wash and dry the car thoroughly.

2. Apply Swissvax Pneu or Protecton to all exterior plastic parts before starting work on the paintwork. This ensures that the plastic parts will not absorb the Cleaner Fluid or wax.

3. Using a microfibre or cotton applicator, apply Cleaner Fluid Regular liberally in an even back-and-forth, crosswise motion (not a circular motion) over a complete area, e.g. the bonnet or both wings.

4. Spread the cleaner fluid, applying light pressure (with back-and-forth strokes) until the surface is evenly “nourished”.

5. Do not let the fluid dry. Wipe off the damp Cleaner Fluid Regular with a fresh, dry microfibre cloth and polish the treated paint area with short, back-and-forth movements (this makes most painted surfaces squeak). Keep turning the cloth to expose a clean surface.