Swissvax Cleaner Fluid Medium 100/250/500ml

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Swissvax - Cleaner Fluid Medium - 100/250/500ml


Swissvax Cleaner Fluid Medium is a slightly abrasive polish which is suit- able for use on paintwork that is slightly weathered or has minor to medium wear. It removes fine to medium scratches, overspray and slightly matt patches.

Cleaner Fluid Medium is applied evenly to the affected area, using substantial pressure, so that the micro-granules contained rub against one another, wearing themselves down and making the polish progressively finer. This enables you to work on individuals areas, beginning each time with a powerful abrasive effect which is gradually reduced through rubbing, thus producing a finer and smoother surface. The abrasive effect of Cleaner Fluid Medium can be easily controlled to ensure that only an absolute mini- mum of the surface layer is removed.
1. Wash and dry the car thoroughly
2. Apply Swissvax Pneu or Protecton to all exterior plastic parts before starting work on the paintwork. This ensures that the plastic parts will not absorb any Cleaner Fluid or wax.
3. Apply Swissvax Cleaner Fluid Medium evenly to the paint surface and rub in with substantial pressure using a Puck applicator. Rubbing causes the product’s micro-granules to wear each other down, which produces a progressively finer abrasive polish.
4. Work on one small section at a time, each no larger than square metre. Then buff to a high gloss with a microfibre cloth.

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