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Swissvax Crystal Rock is Swissvax's top of the line universal wax which was made by Paul Dalton (who is recognised around the world for his skill in preparing and protecting the paintwork of the world's most cherished motor cars) and the Swissvax team.  

Swissvax Crystal Rock is 76% pure Brazilian ivory carnauba wax. These waxes have one of the highest Carnauba content of any wax on the market. In effect, it coats a car's paintwork in a smooth and glossy, yet tough and protective, water-repellent film - and even brings a shine to white and silver.

A layer of 'Crystal Rock Wax' can last up to 6 to 12 months and can be ""topped up"" with additional layers for even more protection. When exposed to water, 'Crystal Rock Wax' swells and closes its pores. This leads to the beading and sheeting of water that is characteristic of a car that has been treated with this high content Carnauba wax. The more layers are applied, the more waterproof it is.

Now with a 50ml Variant, you have enough to do 3-4 layers, which should last a couple of years.

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