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Swissvax Fabric 250ml

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Swissvax Fabric is a concentrated cleaning agent for vehicle textiles which is to be mixed with carbonated mineral water. The ready-to-use solution can then be sprayed on for thorough, easy and fabric-friendly cleaning of textiles in fabric seat covers, vehicle carpets, interior roofs and fabric tops. The advantage over foam-based fabric cleaners is that Swissvax Fabric can be applied more finely, avoiding “cleaning rings” on the surface cleaned. Swissvax Fabric is an unbeatable agent for freshening up and cleaning all types of fabrics.

Interior cleaning
Always begin by removing loose dirt with a vacuum cleaner, using the narrow nozzle. It is advisable to remove the carpets and mats for this purpose. Carpets/mats can also be cleaned effectively with Swissvax Fabric. Then wash plastic and upholstered vinyl surfaces with Swissvax Plastic Wash. Vacuum clean fabric seats before cleaning with Swissvax Fabric.
1. Fill a Swissvax Mixing Bottle to the 1:2 mark with carbonated mineral water.
2. Add Swissvax Fabric concentrate to the 1:3 mark.
3. Gently shake the Mixing Bottle.
4. Spray the Swissvax Fabric solution evenly over the areas to be treated and allow to work in for 1-2 minutes.
5. Gently rub the surface with a soft brush or a soft, clean Swissvax Cloth and then let it dry.
6. Vacuum the dry surface thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner.