Swissvax Pneu 250/470ml (Tyre Dressing)

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Swissvax - Pneu - Tyre Dressing 250/470ml


Black tire side walls are the icing on the cake for a perfect appearance of every automobile.

The Swissvax Pneu (Pneu is the French word for tyre) emulsion consists of gloss agents and preservatives and replaces moisture lost from the rubber compound and protects the surface from discoloration and cracking. It is very easy and effortless to apply and guaranteed harmless to tyres, rims and your car's paintwork. The ideal care for all tyres including white walls.

Pneu comes in a handy 250ml atomizing bottle which allows the easy and sparing application. On breezy or windy days we recommend to use a Swissvax Pneu Brush for the application in order to allow a sparing and precise application not spoiling neither your automobile's rims nor the paintwork.

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