• Magnitude One Ultimate Lighting Kit

Magnitude One Ultimate Lighting Kit

WaxIt Car Care

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The ultimate lighting kit, now on special for a limited time only!

These PRISM lights have been specifically designed to light up swirls, scratches, haze, holograms and high spots on all paint systems. You can't detail what you can't see, and if you want to take your detailing game to the next level, and surpass the competition then this kit is a must!

This kit will provide you with the tools to reach total paint perfection, allowing you to detect previously overlooked imperfections in the paint. The Prism Handheld, Prism 20w and Prism 50w lights specifically specialise in identifying paint defects. These lights can illuminate all swirls, scratches, etchings, haze and holograms allowing you to safely remove them either by hand, or by machine.

The VEGA light also helps for other areas when detailing, such as interiors or engine bays. Due to its diffused lighting, it is also fantastic at picking up coating high spots, or residue on the paintwork.

These lights will arm you with the necessary tools to become a master in your craft. 


This kit includes: