Washing: Stage 1 - The Beginning

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Stage 1 - Washing: The Beginning 

Our Stage 1 Wash kit features the three core components of Washing.These three core components are the wash or shampoo, your washing tool and your drying cloth. In this kit you will get to experience microfibre technology and have the choice of choosing between two types of different washes.

What is in the kit?
P21S Bodywork Shampoo OR Scholl Concepts Shampol 4-1
Aquatouch Microfibre Premium Wash Mitt
Aquatouch Waffle Weave Drying Towel Grey

The first step in detailing, but also the most uneducated step.
What makes a good car wash? Is it the cleaning ability? Or how much the shampoo suds up? In a short answer, none of these. These elements serve a purpose, but the defining factor of a good car wash is how well it lubricates the surface. This lubricated surface gives you less chance of scratching or marring your paint.

So, a Shampoo or ‘Wash n Wax’?
The P21s Shampoo is a great shampoo that offers you that lubrication that is needed when washing your car. It also will not harm any existing wax, sealant or coating.
A Wash & Wax is perfect for those people who don’t have the time to spend hours detailing their car. Scholl Shampol, is different to most Wash & Waxes. It has four components instead of two.
  1. It is a great cleaner with good lubricity
  2. Great Short Term Wax, with increased shine
  3. Applies a short term protection to the paint between washes
  4. It Sheets water off the paintwork when washed off! Which means less drying

Sponge, Wool or Microfiber Mitt?
There are three components that your washing tool, must have…
  1. Ability to clean!
  2. Ability to hold and Trap Dirt & Grime
  3. Ability to release dirt & grime
Your conventional cheap sponge, will only push the dirt around when washing, no matter how good your lubrication is in your shampoo, you will still scratch the surface and not properly clean your paint!
A wool or lambs wool mitt is perfect for trapping dirt & grime, it is also great when it comes to cleaning the surface. However, it doesn’t release dirt as well as the Aquatouch Microfiber mitt does! While the lambs wool mitt, draws all the dirt in, if you have an exceptionally dirty vehicle, you will end up scratching the paint, and no one wants this!

Aquatouch Waffle Weave Drying Technology
If you have a synthetic chamois, throw it away! This will end up scratching your vehicle, if you have a microfiber chamois you are on the right track. Here in this Stage 1 Kit, we immediately take it to the next level and offer you the Aquatouch waffle weave drying towel (RRP $29.95) This microfiber towel, due to its waffle weave pattern can absorb water more efficiently, meaning less passes to absorb all the water of your vehicle. It also doesn’t have to be wrung out often, on some cars you may not have to wring out the towel at all!

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