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Waxit Enthusiast Interior Kit

Interior cleaning made simple and effective for the enthusiast.

A fantastic, easy to use kit to clean, protect and maintain your interior! This new water-based system is specifically designed for automotive leather and plastics.

Maintaining your car’s interior doesn't have to be a long, gruelling process. As you spend so much time inside your car, you will eventually need to give it a refresh and protect your efforts. Car interior maintenance is made safe and easy with a few easy steps to clean and protect your vehicle’s interior with the Waxit Enthusiast Interior Kit.

Carpro Inside is an extremely versatile interior cleaner that can used to not only clean more delicate car leather seats and trims but is also fantastic on just about any in interior material from hard plastics, vinyl's, fabrics, carpets and more. With the inclusion of a high foaming mix, containing exclusive surfactants and detergents, Inside removes built up dirt, oils, grease, and with the CarPro Innerscrub mitt, getting rid of interior grime is a breeze.

The use of PERL will help protect your interior from UV damage over time with great protection for your interior trims and surfaces.

The final touch to your interior to protect your hard work is Cquartz Leather 2.0.
Built from the ground up, CQuartz Leather 2.0 has a new high-tech water-based formulation, Utilizing high-end ingredients to create a 'better than new' look with no added gloss, This formula will aid in preventing repeated exposure to body oils/fats absorbed through the surface.

The Fabric version also contains Cquartz Fabric, which is a super durable spray coating for interior fabric surfaces. CQuartz Fabric delivers superior performance characteristics without compromising the look, feel, or comfort of the fabric, and without clogging the weave.


  • CarPro Inside 500mL
  • CarPro PERL 500mL
  • Economax Mixing Bottle
  • Cquartz Leather 30mL
  • CarPro Inner Scrub Mitt
  • 4Seasons Yellow x1
  • 4Seasons Blue x1
  • TIDE x1
  • Cquartz Fabric (Fabric Kit Variant)