• Waxit Wheel Cleaning Kit

Waxit Wheel Cleaning Kit

WaxIt Car Care

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Safely and effectively clean your rims, ensuring all stubborn grime, brake dust and iron fallout is removed - ensuring the most thorough and best clean for your wheels. 


This new wheel cleaning kit gives you all you need to chemically, and physically remove any stubborn, dirt, grime or contamination.

Start by giving the wheels a rinse with either a hose or pressure washer, getting rid of some of the dirt and ensuring the wheels surface is cool to a touch. Begin the wheel cleaning process by spraying Concours PURGE on the affected areas of the rim, leaving dwell for a few minutes. Once the iron and contaminants start to react with PURGE you will see a purple colour change start to emerge.

After a few minutes, or the colour change subsides, begin agitation if necessary with either the Wheel Brush or the heavy duty Concours HEAVYWEATHER to physically lift stubborn contaminants. Rinse the wheel, and enjoy clean rims!

Simplify wheel cleaning with this innovative kit.