• Wolfgang Black Diamond Tyre Gel

Wolfgang Black Diamond Tyre Gel

Wolfgang Concours Series

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When applied regularly, Wolfgang Black Diamond Tyre Gel prolongs the life of your tyres, maintaining that showroom luster. It delivers a stunning semi-gloss, satiny finish, even on older tyres. This concentrated gel, unlike spray on dressings, applies evenly, is absorbed into the rubber, repelling UV rays, rain, and detergents.

Black Diamond prolongs the life of your tyres, conditioning and revitalizing them for up to two weeks, including a couple of washings! More than a tyre dressing, Black Diamond Tire Gel keeps tyre walls supple and hydrated.
While engineering the tyre dressing for Wolfgang, chemists were instructed to address certain issues that plague spray-on tyre dressings: sling-off factor, hazardous chemical make-up, short life-span, and an unnatural, greasy look and feel that other dressings are known for.
Wolfgang Black Diamond Tyre Gel has conquered these hurdles! It's environmentally safe, produces a realistic deep black finish, lasts up to three or four times longer, and doesn't sling-off onto your car's panels.
The Wolfgang Black Diamond Tyre Gel formula is a pioneer among today's tyre dressings. Consisting of German super polymers, deep conditioning agents, and a penetrating gloss, this unique concentrate achieves spectacular results without relying on drying butyls, alcohols or petroleum distillates. No harsh chemicals or additives, that can harm the environment or tyres, go into Black Diamond Tyre Gel.
  • Carefully apply one thin, even layer of Black Diamond Tyre Gel, swiped over the surface which gives a handsome, well-dressed gloss.
  • If you prefer a heavier, glossier shine, wait ten minutes and reapply.
  • For less shine, follow the initial application by immediately wiping tyre with a clean cloth.
  • Pay special attention to areas around raised letters and the bead between the wheel and tyres where the gel tends to puddle.
  • Allow the gel to cure for an hour before driving.
  • A tyre cleaner will remove tyre dressing, which will have to be reapplied if you desire.