• Wolfgang Deep Gloss Spray Sealant

Wolfgang Deep Gloss Spray Sealant

Wolfgang Concours Series

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Wolfgang Deep Gloss Spritz Sealant is a direct descendant of the very popular Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3.0. The two share virtually the same blueprint, with one important exception, Deep Gloss Spritz Sealant has engineered liquefied polymers that disperse easily through the spray nozzle and then cross-link on the paint surface to form one solid polymer coat over the paint finish.

Wolfgang Deep Gloss Spritz Sealant's slick coating shields the paint from UV rays, airborne pollution, and road grime. Its incredible slickness allows dirt and water to just roll off when you wash your vehicle. The paint stays cleaner longer, with fewer water spots. The multi-tiered, crystalline polymer structure of the sealant allows it to create a vivid, multi-dimensional shine that far exceeds the capabilities of ordinary sealants. The shine is comparable to what you get from a carnauba wax.

Wolfgang's exclusive formula is water-based so Wolfgang Deep Gloss Spritz Sealant is safe on paint and clear coat, and it's VOC compliant. Wolfgang Deep Gloss Spritz Sealant can be used on any type of paint finish, clear coated or single stage. Like Deep Gloss Paint Sealant, it is designed to be used on an oxidation-free surface. Before application, thoroughly clean and polish the paint using Wolfgang PreWax Polish Enhancer and Detailing Clay if necessary. The sealant will yield the most gloss and reflection on clean, smooth paint.

Tech Tip: Wolfgang Deep Gloss Spritz Sealant is oxygen-activated. Once it is applied to the paint, it requires oxygen to bond to the paint surface. Exposure to water will drown the sealant, preventing it from achieving its full potential. Wolfgang Deep Gloss Spritz Sealant will offer the maximum shine and protection if allowed to cure for a full 12 hours in absolutely dry conditions. We recommend applying the sealant in the late afternoon and letting it cure overnight. Once cured, the sealant will deliver outstanding slickness, gloss, and protection.