Foam Gun for Garden Hose

Wolfgang Concours Series


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Foam Gun For Garden Hose

Foaming Wash Gun for Garden Hose

This Foam Gun is designed for those without a High Pressure Washer, for those who are looking to pre-soak their vehicle. Using main's water pressure through your garden hose, you are able to apply a pre-soaking foaming car wash to break down the dirt from the surface of vehicle, which can then be hosed off.

When you then move on to the wash process with a 2 bucket system, grid guards and microfibre wash mitt, you will be cleaning mostly road and traffic film, and reduce the risk of marring your vehicle’s paint finish. 

Using a nozzle machined from solid brass and commercial grade plastics, you can be sure of the durability of this tool. 

Avoiding Micro Marring the vehicle's paint surface when washing
By using a gentler wash product to assist you when washing the vehicle, compared to when performing a pre-soak, the Wolfgang Foam Gun can be used to help prevent marring the paint when washing. 

Using the Wolfgang foam gun in one hand and wash mitt in the other, use the foam wash solution as a lubricant to apply on to the car as you wash the surface. Aim the stream of washing solution from the Wolfgang Foam Gun directly into the wash mitt and wash towards the direction of the spray. Every few panels, be sure to rinse out the wash mitt in a bucket of clean water with a grit guard.

Adjustable Ratio System 
By changing the position of the brass notched stem, you can alter the dilution and ratio of the wash solution to water, based on the position of the stem.
1/128 = 30ml per 3.78l
1/64 = 60ml per 3.78l
1/32 = 120ml per 3.78l
1/20 = 180ml per 3.78l
1/10 = 360ml per 3.78l


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