• Wolfgang Instant Detail Spritz

Wolfgang Instant Detail Spritz

Wolfgang Concours Series

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Nothing catches your eye like the sparkle of a freshly detailed car.

Unfortunately, maintaining that look for any amount of time is nearly impossible. With driving, washing and exposure to the elements, the beautiful, crystal finish on your car begins to fade and dull. Wolfgang Instant Detail Spritz is a technologically advanced formula that restores that ''just-waxed,'' liquid shimmer in minutes!

The specialized ingredients in this high-lubricity spray deliver unparalleled surface enhancement, clarity, intensity and shine. Use Instant Detail Spritz over Deep Gloss Paint Sealant or your favorite wax for an immediate restoration of a showroom finish. Though most cars can be misted and buffed in less than five minutes, it will look like you've spent all day laboring on your car. Wolfgang Instant Detail Spritz is great for maintaining and prolonging the paint sealant, removing surface pollutants from the paint, and adding a sizzling shimmer anytime, anywhere. It is formulated with high-tech German ''super polymers.'' These highly-reflective polymers form an ultra-thin protective coat that bond to the paint sealant or wax finish and leave the paint surface slick and silky--not to mention that the life of the sealant will be extended with regular use. In no time, you have gorgeous results.

This product is formulated especially for use over Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant, but works well over other sealants and waxes, too.



  • Use on a cool surface, out of direct sunlight.
  • Simply spray a small area of the vehicle.
  • Using a microfibre towel wipe away fingerprints, water spots, dust, and other harmful contaminants, leaving behind a rich, spectacular shine.

Wolfgang Instant Detail Spritz is designed to perform even in hot, humid climates without streaking, cloudiness, or hazy patches. It works exceptionally well on black and red cars, unlike most detail sprays. It's the perfect wipe down for show cars or in-service limousines.