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Wolfgang MetalWerk Concours Metal Sealant

Wolfgang Concours Series - WG7408

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Wolfgang’s Concours Metal Sealant marks the final step in the Metallwerk Aluminium Polishing  System, in which protection is ensured. After the metal reaches its mirror-like gloss stage, the water-based Concours Metal Sealant eliminates residue and begins its long term protection against the elements. Metals such as aluminium naturally oxidize when exposed to the air. Naturally, a small layer of oxidation is created which actually then protects the metal from further oxidation. Through polishing and correcting, this fine layer is removed, and the metal is then further exposed. Through applying the Concours Metal Sealant, an additional barrier is created with clear acrylic polymers which proves durable protection against oxidation - ensuring the polished metal surfaces retain its new found immense gloss. The finish produced is crystal clear, evident on wheels, bumpers, trim, trailers, and many more exterior surfaces. This sealant should be applied using dual action, rotary polishers or simply by hand. 4-6 months of protection can be expected using this brilliant product, along with an ultimate gloss like no other.

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