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Wolfgang Pre-Wax Polish Enhancer

Wolfgang Pre-Wax Polish Enhancer is absolutely fabulous for producing that elusive, show-ready wet-shine look. This polish actually enhances and preserves your car's surface by deep cleaning to remove embedded dirt and old wax, without abrasives or harsh chemicals. It minimizes swirls and scratches in the paint, making them seem to disappear. When you finish, your car's surface will be clean and glass smooth-the best possible surface for applying wax. Our Pre-Wax Polish Enhancer is a mild oil-in-water emulsion. This gentle non-abrasive water-based formula will not dull or dry the paint, and is 100% safe for expensive finishes and antique, collector, and show cars. To maximize the effectiveness of Wolfgang Pre-Wax Polish Enhancer apply out of direct sunlight onto a freshly washed, cool surface.

The polish may be applied by hand or buffer, to equal satisfaction. Always follow up the polish application with Wolfgang's Deep Gloss Paint Sealant or your favorite wax or paint sealant.

Hand Application: Apply a 20 cent sized amount to a microfibre pad. (This amount should be sufficient for half the bonnet or an entire mudguard.) Working on a small area, massage the polish across the surface several times. Allow a slight haze to appear. Use a clean microfibre cloth to buff the surface to a sparkle.

Machine Application: Apply a thin line of polish around the perimeter of a dry foam pad. Work with areas of about 60cm square (quarter the size of a bonnet) at a low speed until the product almost dries to a film. You will need to make several passes. Allow Pre-Wax Polish Enhancer to dry completely. Use a microfibre bonnet to buff off the haze. Or, manually buff away the film with a clean microfibre cloth to a gorgeous, high sheen enhanced surface.