• Zaino Z2 Pro Protection Kit - Light Colour Paint

Zaino Z2 Pro Protection Kit - Light Colour Paint


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Zaino - Z2Pro Light Colour Paint  Protection Kit

The Zaino Z2Pro Protection Kit for non-clearcoated, Light Coloured paints which are in good condition but still need protection from the harsh elements.

This kit contains all you need to Wash, Clay, Polish, Protect and maintain your paint using Zaino products in conjunction with Aquatouch Microfibre products. To keep it easy we have included a quality cooler bag to store your kit in and a set of instructions to guide you through the entire detailing process with these amazing products.

Contents are:
  • Z7 Wash Shampoo
  • Z18 Clay
  • Z6 Ultra Clean Gloss Enhancer
  • Z-AIO Paint Cleanser Polish
  • Z2Pro Sealant
  • ZFX Curing Agent
  • Aquatouch Wash Mitt
  • Aquatouch Ultra Drying Cloth
  • Aquatouch Super Soft Gold towel to buff off clay lube residue
  • Aquatouch Edgeless Polish towel to buff off Z-AIO residue
  • Aquatouch Super Soft Purple towel to buff off Z2pro residue
  • Aquatouch Ultra Soft Grey Towel for Z6
  • Aquatouch Microfibre Applicator to apply Z-AIO Foam Applicator to apply Z2Pro