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CarPro Dquartz Go | Ceramic Coating

The ground-breaking DQUARTZ nano-diamond technology, now available in an easy-to-use DIY kit.

Introducing DQUARTZ GO Ceramic Coating, poised to redefine the benchmarks of vehicular surface safeguarding. Bugs, dirt, UV rays—nothing can stand against the formidable defense of DQUARTZ GO on your car. With an astonishing gloss, long-lasting BEADS, and unparalleled resistance to the rigors of daily life, DQUARTZ GO sets the standard for enduring protection against all forms of abuse and grime. From UV radiation to chemical, mineral, acidic, alkaline, solvent, and mechanical wear, DQUARTZ has ventured into uncharted territory in coating technology! In fact, even a single application provides extraordinary benefits!

DQUARTZ GO stands as an exceptional professional-grade coating, expertly reformulated for effortless use by automotive enthusiasts and weekend warriors. Typically, there's a trade-off between durability and ease of use for DIY detailers. However, DQUARTZ GO breaks the mould. CARPRO has introduced a smoothing formula based on fluoropolymers, ensuring a satisfyingly slick touch once cured!

Whether applied to automobiles, home appliances, or nearly any metal surface, DQUARTZ GO delivers unmatched protection and consistently elevates surface hardness. When it comes to home applications, nothing safeguards your home and budget quite like DQUARTZ GO and a microfiber towel. Strong chemicals are no longer necessary to remove food or stains from surfaces once coated with DQUARTZ GO; a damp microfiber is all you need to effortlessly wipe away residue, spilled food, liquids, and more. Additionally, DQUARTZ GO acts as a barrier against bacterial growth on most surfaces! Experience the pinnacle of surface protection with DQUARTZ GO – where ease of use meets uncompromising durability.


  • Exceptional Hardness, increase up to 5 points
  • Super Slick
  • Superior Versatility
  • Highly Hydrophobic
  • DIY Friendly
  • 50mL Bottle


Install Instructions can be found here!