Applicators Wheel Brushes & More

Isn’t it time you took the frustration out of wheel maintenance? WaxIt Car Care has the perfect solution: the Wheel Brush. This brush is exactly what it sounds like and will play a crucial role in keeping your vehicle looking its absolute, showroom quality best.

We have a wide range of wheel brushes, so you’re sure to find the perfect match to suit the specific needs of your vehicle. Our brushes are a great, effortless way to clean the front surface of your vehicle and reach all of those tricky, hard-to-reach places where break dust and road grim can build-up over time.

A long handled brush allows you to clean inside the wheel wells and arches and is gentle on your vehicle’s finish. A plastic coated wire stem is perfect for bending into the desired shape to access those trouble areas, such as rotors and behind brake callipers.

Most wheel brushes are made up of densely packed bristles that are sturdy, strong and capable of attacking the build-up of tough grime and can safely loosen soil without damaging the exterior of your vehicle. Ergonomically designed and chemical resistant, a wheel brush will get you into those hard spots such as: grills, wheel face, spokes, wheel arches, engine bay and suspension.

Purchase one today and keep your vehicle in perfect showroom-like condition.