Protection: Car Paint Sealants

Paint sealants are necessary for the proper protection of your vehicle’s paint work against harmful attacks from acid rain, animal droppings, road tar, and the sun’s harmful ultra violet rays. Sealants are a low-effort application that greatly improves the long-lasting protection of your car against a variety of extreme weather elements, and environmental fallout.

It is strongly recommended that you clay your vehicle prior to applying paint sealants to remove any surface contaminants in the paint. Our products are easy to apply, offer excellent longevity and durability, have built in bonding agents for the best results and offer a pristine, high gloss finish topped off by a factory-quality ‘wet look’.

We have a wide range of car paint protection products to suit a variety of needs, including temporary, quick-fix sealants or long-lasting products for that extra peace of mind. Our sealants can be used on a variety of surfaces from all paints, fibreglass, plexiglass, plastics, metal surfaces, enamel, tiles, and many more. 

Visit us at WaxIt Car Care to get the best car paint sealants in Melbourne and start protecting your vehicle today. Whether you‘re a hard-core enthusiast, or just a general car user, we have all the products and know how you need to get the best results.