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Now has never been easier to take your vehicles finish to that next level. Whether your aim is to remove swirling, or give your vehicle an unbeatable shine. DA polishing makes achieving this safe and simple.

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Benefits of Using Snow Foam
Benefits of Using Snow Foam
What is a snow foam? When we snow foam a car, what we’re referring to is a blanket of foamed car wash detergent that completely covers the exterior of a vehicle. This is usually in a relatively thick consistency of suds that appears as if the car is covered in a blanket of snow.    How is snow foam generated and created? The combination of car wash detergent, compressed air and water are the th...
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Types of Paint Protection
Types of Paint Protection
Paint protection has been around almost as long as cars have existed. There are several types of Paint Protection including Waxes, Sealants and new innovative Glass & Spray Coatings. The first form of paint protection products were natural occurring waxes mixed with oils and solvents to create what we know today as a traditional car wax. These products are generally more associated with hig...
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How to Clean and Protect Your Wheels
How to Clean and Protect Your Wheels
Wheels can be the hardest area on your car to clean and maintain. Every car enthusiast knows that when your rims look dirty, it lets down the whole appearance of your car.  But let’s face it, cleaning your car rims isn’t something most of us look forward to. It is a time-consuming, messy job that requires us to be on our hands and knees at times. Even then, it seems that all the hard work we pu...
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Waxit Car Care – high-quality detailing products

There’s no need to convince us, we get it that you love your vehicle. Here at Waxit Car Care, we’re pretty crazy for them too. Our team is knowledgeable and friendly, with the passion to always go that extra mile for our customers – no matter where you’re located in Australia. Additionally, no matter the context, we’ll help you achieve the results you’re after, utilising the newest innovations in the space of our constantly evolving marketplace. 

An end-to-end understanding of car care detailing kits and solutions

Whether you’re a P-plater sporting your first set of wheels, an off-road adventurer, a vintage car enthusiast or a high-end professional wanting the perfect finish for a luxury vehicle – we share your passion.

These days, there are so many choices and brands to choose from across the market, with plenty of brands sporting the ‘best car wash products’ label. But some of these can be confusing to understand, and in some cases, come with hefty price tags. Sometimes the best solutions are not necessarily the most expensive ones.

Our team can help you figure out which car wax & polish solutions are ideally suited for you and your vehicle, all through understanding what you do with it and how you want it to look. Best of all, we’re ready to cater to your needs all across Australia – from the hustle and bustle of Melbourne, through to the tranquillity of Brisbane’s urban landscape.

We do the work for you

Suppliers all across Australia and the globe preach miracle benefits and advantages for vehicle owners. Unfortunately, misunderstandings are prevalent, making it crucial you understand the level of care and attention your car needs on a frequent basis. While plenty of these options will give you the ability to keep your vehicle in top-notch order, Waxit’s car cleaning supplies are in a league of their own.

The key to finding the right choice for you is to remember that not all products live up to their marketing hype. To cut out the noise and hassle, we do the work for you by being experts in the field, forging partnerships with the best and most reputable car care products throughout Australia and the rest of the world. Most of all, we strive to keep up with the newest developments, stocking solutions that walk the talk.

Range and value

We are the leader in online car care stores in Australia, and through our website you’ll find everything you need to care for your pride & joy – and might just find something new and exciting as well! Browse through our categories and product descriptions for thorough and comprehensive information about each item. If there’s anything else you’d like to know before you order, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We have a vast range of products, equipment and accessories that are of top quality and great value, sourced from around the globe.

Car cleaning, polish and deliveries

We often get complimented on how easy it is to find and order our products online, and how fast our turnaround times are for deliveries. Because we pride ourselves on our efficient service, this is the name we’ve established across the industry. And if, by chance, something goes wrong with your order, our representatives offer a guarantee to resolve the issue immediately.

You can rest assured that our systems, payment processes and data management are completely secure and highly confidential. We’ll also never pass on any of your information to a third-party.

Hunting around for the best car polish available in Australia?

The search ends here. But don’t just take our word for it – check out our reviews on our website, Facebook and Google to see thousands of our happy, loyal customers. We’ve established this reputation through our use of high-end products and solutions that are designed to achieve the best possible results. Backed by our knack for a seamless finish, we enlist the help of products across labels you know and love – such as Rupes, 303 and more.

Need help on finding out where to start? Get in touch with our car cleaning supplies and detailing experts by emailing info@waxit.com.au, or contacting us on (03) 9331 2177 . Our customer service team is available all across Melbourne, Brisbane and wider Australia.

There’s no need to convince us, we get it that you love your vehicle. Here at Waxit Car Care, we’re pretty crazy for them too. Our team is knowledgeable and...

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