• Coatings and Advanced Paint Protection 204 (23/08)

Coatings and Advanced Paint Protection 204 (23/08)

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Held on the 23/08/2019 starting at 9.00am at Concours Detailing Centre (2/27 Moore Road, Airport West, 3042). 

CDC is just a seven-minute drive from Melbourne airport!

  • Cost: $200 (All attendants will also receive a $50 Online Gift Card upon the completion of the course)
  • Duration: This course is delivered over approximately 3-4 hours
  • Class Size: Maximum of 4 students

Who should attend?
This course is aimed at enthusiasts and professional detailers who have previously completed the beginners and advanced courses in detailing and paint correction, or already have the base knowledge and skill set in the areas of surface preparation, paint correction and protection. Participants wishing to learn more about paint protection and coatings will be guided through the more specific aspects of applying Nano coatings as a means of building on their existing detailing and paint preparation skills and knowledge.

The Purpose of this Class
Every detailing enthusiast and professional knows that most of the hard work and fantastic results related to detailing are achieved during the surface preparation and paint correction stages. However, if all the hard work that’s gone into restoring a vehicle isn’t adequately cared for and protected, then the results just won’t last.

Coatings and Advanced Paint Protection 204 was created to educated participants on the advancements of automotive paint and surface protection products, focusing in on the latest technology of Nano or ceramic/glass coatings. The biggest hurdle most new comers to coatings face is proper application and technique, which this class addresses in a hands-on learning experience.

Our Teaching Objective
This course is designed to provide participants with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills required to apply Nano-based ceramic/glass coatings on automotive paint and various car trims and surfaces, as well as provide a greater understanding of automotive paint protection in general.

Program Delivery
This course is delivered in several modules including Surface Preparation, Understanding Nano Coatings, Coating Application and Maintaining Coatings. Each module of this course will contain several parts and activities in which participants are expected to participate in and ask questions.

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding the importance of working safely with adequate personal protection
  • Understanding the importance of surface preparation
  • Understanding the products and equipment used in applying Nano coatings and other paint protection products.
  • Understanding the methods and techniques used in applying Nano coatings
  • Understanding the various environmental factors influencing the application of coatings
  • Understanding the importance of specific lighting when applying coatings
  • Understanding how to troubleshoot potential issues
  • Understanding the importance of consistency, quality and assessing results
  • Understanding how to care for and maintain Nano coatings