Metal Polishing

Metal polishing is a great way to protect your car and keep it looking its best. It will renew the surface of your vehicle from tarnishes, rust, brake dust damage, and other grime, creating a brilliant swirl and spot free finish. Benefit from a high degree of gloss and long lasting protection.

Our products can be applied with speed and efficiency and are suited for cleaning, polishing, sealing and protecting your vehicle. Metal polishing is ideal for aluminium, chromium, gold, silver, brass, copper and stainless steel surfaces. Remove stubborn oxidation and protect your car from potentially harmful ultra violet rays.

Metal polish is the perfect cleaner for chrome surfaces, which require a lot of care to remain at their best as they can corrode quickly when neglected. Fight discoloration and protect the vibrant paint job of your vehicle while enjoying a mirror-like gloss and long-lasting protection.

Whether you’re a novice or an enthusiast, there are no shortcuts when it comes to proper car protection. A vehicle is an investment and we have everything you need and more to start protecting your investment today.

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