• Introduction To Detailing 101

Introduction To Detailing 101

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The course will be held on the 2/05/2020. The course will start at 9.00am at Concours Detailing Centre (2/27 Moore Road, Airport West, 3042). 

CDC is just a seven-minute drive from Melbourne airport!

  • Cost: $100.00 (All attendants will also receive a $30 Online Gift Card upon the completion of the course)
  • Duration: This course is delivered over approximately 3-4 hours
  • Class Size: Maximum of 6 students

Who should attend?
The class is aimed at beginners with little to basic experience in detailing a vehicle, but with the desire to gain a better hands-on understanding and knowledge of the safe and correct practices used by industry leading professionals to correctly and effectively detail a vehicle.

The Purpose of this Class
It can be truly upsetting to have your car constantly punished and abused with improper washing and detailing methods, most of which are still used at your local car hand wash, constantly inflicting damaging swirls and scratches all over your car’s paint work.

Apart from the diminishing visual appeal of your paint looking dull, hazed and aged, this devalues your car and becomes a time-consuming and expensive practice to restore the paint. When looking at the general public, very few people, as well as very few commercial car washes, use or even understand what safe and effective car wash methods are. Even touchless drive through car washes generally use extremely strong alkaline or acid-based chemicals that can lead to your paint’s clear coat failure.

The most frustrating thing is that safe and effective car washing doesn’t need to take any longer or be any more difficult to achieve, and employing the use of basic paint protection products both preserves your car’s finish and makes the washing process so much easier. All it takes is a little re-education and understanding to keep your car’s paint and trims looking and behaving like new. Introduction to Detailing 101 was created to pass on valuable detailing knowledge and share the very best methods and techniques in a well structured easy to understand learning environment that also implements the lasted technology and techniques used by leading industry professionals today.

Our Teaching Objective
Introduction to Detailing 101 is designed to provide participants with theoretical and practical knowledge of the basic products, methods, and procedures involved in correctly detailing a vehicle at its core. Attendants are expected to participate in a hands-on teaching approach to build the student’s confidence and assist them in learning and practicing the fundamentals of automotive detailing. This class also aims to highlight the many discrepancies and misinformation surrounding automotive detailing to correctly inform participants of the most important facts and results pertaining to detailing.

Program Delivery
This class is delivered in three primary modules consisting of Safe and Effective Car Washing, Chemical and Mechanical Surface Decontamination and Paint Protection. Each module of this course will contain several parts and activities in which participants are encouraged to participate and ask questions. The focus of learning will be based on working with an actual car in addressing the major areas of exterior detailing including car wheels, car paint, and trims in relation to surface preparation and protection.

Learning Objectives and Activities

  • Understanding car detailing at its primary core and the goals its implementation is designed to achieve
  • Gaining knowledge of basic detailing products, equipment, and their specific applications
  • Practicing how to apply safe yet effective car washing and drying methods
  • Understanding and practicing and the importance of chemical and mechanical decontamination
  • Understanding the importance of a vehicle’s surface preparation
  • Understanding and practicing the importance of, and learning how to apply paint protection
  • Understanding and practicing the importance of ‘finishing’ a vehicle and quality control



  • Please notify us at least 14 days prior to the course date if you wish to reschedule or cancel. If you are unable to give us 14 days notice, we won't be able to issue a refund.