Aquatouch specialises in the finest microfiber products, with a quality that has been proven. Not only do they produce automotive cloths, microfibers are also used by commercial cleaners in health care, manufacturing, hospitals and many other settings, as they heavily rely on the premium quality that Aquatouch microfiber provides.

The microfiber fabric itself is manufactured using a state of the art ‘splitting process’, in which wedge shaped fibres of polyester/polyamide are created – smaller than the diameter of silk. Despite its fine characteristics, the fabric expresses a strong and durable nature, making it ideal for the use in car upholstery.

The shapes, sizes and combinations of these synthetic fibres can be further manipulated to create different types of cloths – all specialising in different aspects such as: toughness, softness, absorption, water repellence, and filtering capabilities. Surface contaminants that are collected are held in the cloths fine fabrics, allowing microfibers to delicately remove impurities, without any scratching on the paintwork.

These microfiber products are a must have for any car enthusiast or detailer.