Glass Cleaners

Sometimes we focus so much on the slick shine of the paint job that we forget about the glass. Glass cleaner is an essential element of caring for your vehicle. We have a range of products perfectly suited to both restoring your windows to their factory sheen and keeping them there.

Use glass cleaner to prevent harmful contaminants bonding and etching to your windows and leaving lasting damage. Get rid of annoying streaks in your glass and remove the frustration of small scratches, imperfections and heavy water spotting that can develop simply from something as innocuous as light rain. Water spotting has been known to cause permanent damage to many vehicle surfaces if left unattended. It’s easy to fight back against spotting by applying protective glass cleaning products to your windows.

Our glass cleaner products are a fast, efficient and affordable solution to preventing potential damage to your vehicle. For the sake of peace of mind you can’t pass by purchasing our car cleaning products. You have to ask yourself what your car is worth to you.

Visit WaxIt Car Care today and take the first steps to protecting your car. Take away the frustration of little imperfections in your vehicles and purchase the right products from our friendly staff to prevent any future damage.