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Polish Angel | Contour Carnaubaflockencreme

Polish Angel Contour is a unique paint cleaner, removing old waxes and debris, whilst creating a smooth and glossy surface, ready for a sealing layer of Polish Angel Famous.


Contour contains fine carnauba flakes which supplies the lacquer pores with sufficient ouls and nutrients. Gentle emmoilents exfoliate old layers of waxes, and other minor contaminants.

This creates a super smooth and glossy surface, ready to be sealed with a sealant such as Polish Angel Famous.


  • Easy and simple to use
  • Leaves no residue on plastic surfaces
  • Can remove water spots, old waxes, and other debris
  • Enhanced colour flakes ensure a perfect finish
  • Dust-free process
  • Removes light scratches, tar, resin and grime


1. Shake well before use

2. Apply by machine or hand

a. By hand: Use product sparingly and apply in a over lapping circular motion with light to medium pressure.

b. By machine: We recommend using a fine/finishing pad. Apply small amount of product to pad and work at speeds of up to 2500rpm with no pressure.

3. Buff off residue with a clean microfibre