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Shine Supply PRO Decontamination Kit

A great value decontamination kit perfect for the professional or avid enthusiast.

Shine Supply have been becoming increasingly popular in the professional scene with their highly effective products that are easy to use, and extremely time-efficient.

Shine Mist and Smooth Move will make decontaminating paintwork a breeze. Shine Mist is a fantastic clay lubricant that will change the way you clay. Unlike most clay lubricants on the market that only highlight “slickness”, Shine Mist focuses on “grab” as well. What this means is that when using Shine Mist, your clay bar or synthetic clay product will actually pull fall out and deposits off your paint with ease instead of just skimming over them.

Smooth Move is a paint decontaminator and the best way to remove iron particles from any vehicle surface. The specially formulated chemical ingredients are both acid-free and pH balanced, making it safe for the paint, without the fear of deterioration and damage. Iron particles will turn red on contact and dissolve from the paint before your eyes!

Finally, Throwback a specially designed solution that aims to completely remove fillers, residue and polishing oils for accurate paint examination, and surface preparation prior to adding your final layer of protection.