Decontamination Kit

Waxit Car Care


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What's included 

  • Scholl Concepts Clay Bar
  • Concours PURIFY 500ml 
  • CarPro Eraser 500ml
  • 2x Concours HORIZON Edgeless Cloths (Added Free of Charge)

Decontaminating the paint is one of the most crucial steps when detailing your vehicle. Old or new, every car has contamination. People tend to only clay their car when the paintwork is feeling rough, but if you haven't done it in a while... or ever. We would suggest getting this kit to give your vehicle a bit of a cleanse! It's a super important step as it makes your polishing process more effective and allows your wax, sealant and coating to last longer.

Claying alone doesn't remove all contamination. PURIFY is a lubricant which has been formulated with an array of ingredients to help breakdown a lot of stubborn contamination and assist you in providing maximum lubrication to your clay in this process.

The Scholl Concepts Clay Bar surprises us constantly in its ability remove contamination quickly, without inducing the marring (micro scratches) that other clay can leave behind. You may pay a bit more for it, but if you plan on just going straight to your wax, sealant or coating step, this is a must have in our opinion. 

CarPro Eraser is a solvent based cleaner which aims to remove any residue. This ensures that your wax, sealant or coating has the best possible bond it can. 

Our Decon Timeline. 

Clay Bar + PURIFY + Eraser It's hard to always say how often you will need to do this step. If you are constantly driving in industrial areas and feel that your paint feels like it is a bit gritty, then you may have to do this step more often. 12-18 months
PURIFY + Eraser  Spraying your car down with purify after washing then following up with Eraser is a good way to remove some lighter contamination on the vehicle, without having to go through with the whole process again. 6-9 months
Eraser If you are looking to reapply your wax, or some kind of topper, remember you can always use Eraser to ensure that there is no residue left before you apply it 2-4 months



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