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Kranzle K2160TST


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A robust, 10amp low-reving pressure washers that features extra-longcs durability, and incredible performance. 

The Kranzle K2160TST is a 10amp pressure washer that features a single part roto-molded chassis which makes it incredibly stable and robust. It features a 10amp (1400rpm), low-reving motor for extra long life. The innovative chassis features in-built storage for accessories and an integrated hose reel - which comes with 15m of HP hose. 

The K2160TST also features a total-stop automatic motor switch off function. This unit is ideal for commercial/industrial use, and features a 10amp 240v power, which makes it easy to use. 

Note shipping times will be longer than usual with Kranzle pressure washers.

Why Kranzle?

Kranzle have been considered the industry leader for pressure washers for over 20 years, and it is easy to see why. Not only do they have unbeatable performance, their quality is outstanding. Here are multiple reasons why you should consider purchasing a Kranzle pressure washer:

  • Offers 30% more pressure - Traditional high-pressure cleaners are ordinarily equipped with an injector for induction of detergents. When this is under high pressure, detergents are pressed through a small nozzle pipe. This costs energy, and available working pressure is reduced by approximately 30%. Kranzle's water tanks are designed to allow the pump to suck up water, and detergents at the same time. No pressure will be lost! This also means no pump damage will occur! 
  • All systems have a distinctly longer service life - All units are equipped with stainless steel pistons. This draws heat away from the pump head, and prevents wear. This considerably increases the service life on all Kranzle units. 
  • All Systems are "Dry-Run Safe" - All units are equipped with 2 teflon graphite packing's per piston. This ensures excellent gliding properties to reduce friction, and temperature inside the unit. For this reason, Kranzle units can be operated without water for up to 2 hours safely. 
  • Malfunctions due to corrosion are impossible - ?
  • Pump Heads are made by Kranzle in Germany from special brass - All Kranzle pump heads are warranted against stress failure for 10 years! 
  • Super silent power! - All kranzle pressure washes are equipped with slow running, silent and durable 4-pole electric motors which increases the lifetime of the units. 
  • Every Product is extensively tested - All Kranzle units are subjected to exhaustive electronic and practical tests under field conditions. If the unit doesn't pass a test with flying colours, it will not be shipped! 
  • Large Pressure Gauge: All machines are equipped with large, neatly arranged glycerin damped stainless steel gauges. 
  • 90% of machine components are manufactured in Germany - This enables Kranzle to ensure total quality control over their products. Kranzle is a manufacturer, not an assembler. 





  • Operating pressure (continuously adjustable) - 30-120 bar (435-1740psi)
  • Max. admissible over pressure - 150bar (2175psi)
  • Water output - 11L/min
  • Inlet water temperature - Max. 60°C
  • Suction height - 2.5m
  • Motor speed - 1400rpm
  • Connected load - 230v, 10A, 50Hz
  • Power intake - 3.2kW
  • Power output - 2.4kW
  • Weight - 39.5kg
  • Dimensions - 375 x 360 x 900mm