Shinemate Warranty 2024

Shinemate Warranty

Shinemate machines are built with meticulous care and are tested and subjected to industry grade testing and quality control.
Every Shinemate machine polisher is backed with an 18 month warranty from the date of purchase that offers a replacement if the machine can not be repaired within 2 business days of inspection.

Shinemate accessories including batteries & chargers and spare parts are subject to a 12 month Warranty from date of purchase.

Returns must be returned to the address below for the warranty process either in person, or via freight paid by you addressed to

Shinemate Returns
67-71 Logistics Street Keilor Park 3042

  1. Shinemate products are guaranteed from defects in material and workmanship, for a period of 18 months, effective and evidenced from date of original invoice or delivery note.
  2. Defects caused by normal wear and tear*1, unauthorized/improper maintenance/handling or overload are excluded from this guarantee and won’t be covered by the Shinemate warranty process.
  3. In the event of malfunction within the warranty period, please return the product unopened and undismantled to the origin of purchase with a copy of the purchase invoice.

Shinemate Australia will undertake, as it’s option, to repair or replace, free of charge a Shinemate Machine Polisher or accessory that qualifies under this warranty if meeting the condition that:

  • The Shinemate product is returned to the address below for the warranty process either in person, or via freight*2 paid by you*3 addressed to:
    Shinemate Returns
    67-71 Logistics Street Keilor Park 3042
  • The Shinemate product has not been subjected to neglect, misuse, etc. as mentioned in section 2)
  • The repair is not required as a result of general use, wear and tear; and
  • The machine is untampered and unmodified, and is using only Shinemate parts.




Shinemate Machine Polishers

18 Months

Shinemate Charger & Batteries

12 Months

Shinemate Spare Parts

12 Months

*1 - Wear and Tear covers wear of backing plate and velcro, handle, rubber grips and visual wearing of assembly surfaces
*2 - A consumer that elects to return a Shinemate product by freight must use the equivalent to a regular postage method, i.e not using a premium service charge, Express Post, etc. If a product is returned via a premium service, and a reimbursement is due to be issued, only a partial refund is offered.
*3 - Freight charges that the consumer has to cover to return a Shinemate product will be reimbursed for the full amount if a warrantable repair/replacement must be undertaken.

Shinemate Warranty 2024