• CarPro Leather Protection Kit

CarPro Leather Protection Kit

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An innovative new kit which brings you the finest leather cleaning & protection thanks to CarPro. 

The new CarPro Leather Protection Kit gives you incredible leather cleaning, and durable protection for up to 12 months. Using this kit will allow you to cleanse any impurities you have embedded in your leather through the use of CarPro Inside, and protect the leather from weathering, environmental damage, and dye transfer for 1 year. 

These products are also available for purchase in the CarPro Complete Interior Protection Kit, which also has a variety of products to help clean and protect your fabrics as well. 



  • CarPro Inside 500mL
  • CarPro Cquartz Leather Kit 2.0
  • CarPro InnerScrub Mitt
  • Concours 4SEASONS Cloth


  • Effortless leather cleaning
  • Durable leather protection for 12-18 months 
  • Easy to use
  • Professional grade results 


  1. Start by spraying/foaming the Inside onto the leather surface. 
  2. Agitate where necessary with the CarPro InnerScrub Glove to lift stubborn grime and dirt
  3. Wipe off any excess residue with the included 4seasons Towel
  4. Apply Cquartz Leather onto cleaned surfaces