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Aquatouch Pal Microfiber Gloves

Aquatouch Microfiber Detailing Gloves

Introducing the Aquatouch Microfiber Detailing Gloves, an essential to flawless detailing in every nook and cranny. Designed to effortlessly clean and detail hard to reach areas, these gloves wipe away wax, polish, and residue from seams and tight spaces, ensuring a meticulous finish.
Crafted for optimal dexterity, these form-fitting gloves won't hinder your movement, allowing you to navigate with precision. Say goodbye to fingerprints during your final wipedown, Aquatouch Pal Microfiber Gloves leave surfaces spotless and free of unwanted marks.

Beyond aesthetics, these gloves reduce the risk of oil residue transfer from your skin, preserving the pristine quality of your surfaces. Elevate your detailing experience with the Precision Detailing Gloves where precision meets perfection.


  • Great for harder to reach areas
  • Wipe down wax, polish residue
  • Reduces risk of fingerprints on paint
  • Washable and reusable
  • 2 Gloves included
  • One size fits most