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Scholl Concepts RIM 7 Wheel Cleaner Gel

Rim 7 is a safe, acid free wheel cleaner that is safe on all types of wheels and finishes. Simplify wheel cleaning, and keep those rims looking great all year round.

Rim7 is a specially formulated high intensity wheel cleaner gel that contains no acids or harsh solvents yet can remove even the harshest of brake dust effectively from wheels, making it the safest way to maintain your wheels without having to risk compromising their finish.

Rim7 can be observed performing on the wheel surface the moment it makes contact with brake dust filings turning pink from the reaction as they are dissolved and "bled" away from the surface. Rim7 has been designed in a gel consistency to allow economic use of the product as it sticks to the wheel allowing a longer and more thorough reaction time.


  • PH Neutral
  • Color change formula reacts to brake dust instantly
  • Safe for all wheel types
  • Economical with long dwell time consistency