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Economax Microfiber Wheel Brush

A quality microfiber wheel brush that will safely & effectively clean all wheel types and finishes.

The Economax Microfiber Wheel Brush is a versatile & effective tool that has been constructed from 100% polypropylene to prevent scratching and damage to the surface area being cleaned.

It utilizes dense, absorbent synthetic wool microfiber and eliminates wheel cleaner splatter. Its design allows you to reach harder & more intricate areas.

It is perfectly designed to clean wheels but can also be used to clean grills, spokes, door jams, engine areas, and other tight locations.

The Brush comes in a normal straight design, or the angled version which is very handy for getting in behind wheel spokes and even behind brake calipers to ensure your wheel cleaning process is thorough and effective.


  • Clean wheels easier & more effectively
  • Made from microfiber to prevent scratching & damage to sensitive wheel finishes
  • Angled Brush option for tighter, hard to reach areas