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Polish Angel | GLASSCOAT Shampoo

A specifically designed maintenance wash that enriches coatings and sealants - boosting protection, gloss and water repellency!


Polishangel Glasscoat Shampoo is a SiO2 based washing solution that is perfect for maintaining any coating, wax or sealant.

Not only does Glasscoat Shampoo leave a protective layer that boosts protection and gloss, it also effortlessly cleans the surface of the vehicle, nourishing its coated layer and enhancing the vehicle even further.

It's designed to work on its own as a standalone coating, or to boost existing coatings, waxes and sealants such as Polishangel COSMIC. It is an extremely high foaming shampoo that illustrates impressive water beading characteristics along with crazy gloss and long lasting protection.

The gentle detergents help lift dirt and contamination away from the car’s surfaces to leave a perfectly clean, glossy finish.