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✓ Ultimate wet look

✓ Up to 12 months protection

✓ Extremely easy application

✓ High film hardness ensures wash and scratch resistance

✓ Long-term protection against all weather conditions

✓ Does not leave residue on plastic parts

✓ Weather and UV protection


Master sealant is an easy-to-use premium paint sealant. Its high quality stands out in its very fine gloss creation and paint smoothness, thus offering you the rich, deep shine of a carnauba wax on application. This masterpiece contains extreme paint sealant components that protect in the form of a crystal-clear ceramic layer. This finish is visible on the paint surface for up to 12 months. Your paint will be protected from all kinds of weather, including acid rain, and offers an intense UV protection.

Thickness Layer : 6 - 8 µm

Durability : up to 12 months


1. Apply a thin layer by applicator pad or machine

2. Leave to cure for up to 20 minutes

3. Once cured, buff off with clean microfibre cloth


After sealing layer is buffed off, leave for up to 30 minutes before re- layering then a further 2 hours for product to harden. Avoid contact with sunlight and water during this time.