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✓ Rich foam formula

✓ Specially designed for foam guns

5% Extracted Carnauba Gel

Active wash substances and rich emollients create a smooth, glossy coating for water beads to roll off.
Fast drying and brilliant luster are guaranteed. 
Most swirl marks are caused by improper hand washing.
Due to the rich foam formula a particularly rich lubricating film is generated, decreasing the risk of scratches. The enthaltenene oils nourish the paint and the color and also help to improve gloss. A proper wash with the POLISH ANGEL ® | SNOWMAN and the use of soft micro fiber products can nearly eliminate the risk of scratches. With regular use, your car is just clean and neat look and the paint is even healthier by special additives to this shampoo.


1. Fill in a 1 liter container of a foam gun about 30-60ml SNOWMAN

2. Fill the bottle with fresh water on 

3. Spray the solution on the car and let it sit before you with a high pressure cleaner to wash these 

4. Let the product from drying
-Note: Always work in the shade and make sure that the surface is cool. POLISH ANGEL ® | SNOWMAN is pH neutral, it does not contain any alkaline or acidic components, the environment and your paint will thank you.

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