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Polish Angel | Teersun

Polishangel Teersun is a unique tar remover, that effortlessly removes tar spots on all surfaces immediately.

Teersun is a poweful tar-remover that can also help remove oil, grease, silicone, wax, resin, petrol stains and adhesive residues. Tar stains can leave permanent stains on a vehicle, and can damage delicate surfaces.

Teersun ensures that these stubborn contaminants are safely removed, ensuring your car is contaminant free, and ready for whatever wax, sealant or coating you apply.

Teersun can be used on paintwork, wheels, rubber, plastics or even fabrics for removing oils. Teersun will thoroughly remove contaminants on affected areas, safely and effectively.


  • The most effective tar remover on the market
  • Safe on sensitive surfaces
  • Simple and easy to use