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Polish Angel | Ultrared

Polishangel Ultrared is a powerful APC, pre-wash treatment for paint, rubber and plastic. It is highly effective on grime, dirt, tar, and other contaminants, but completely safe to use.


Ultrared is the ultimate APC cleaner, allowing the safe removal of tough grime, dirt, tar, insect, bird droppings, oil, grease and other environmental contaminants. Just 15 seconds of reaction and even the most stubborn contaminants will be removed from all paint, glass, rubber and plastic surfaces - without leaving any residue.

The ultimate APC.


  • Intensive APC cleaner
  • Safe on paint, rubber, plastic and glass surfaces
  • Gentle cleansing formula
  • Tough on grime, dirt, oil, insects, and other contaminants
  • Environmentally friendly, and safe to use


  1. Shake well before use
  2. Mist product onto the affected area
  3. Leave to dwell for 15-20 seconds
  4. Rinse off the product